Implementation Services

At LIVA IT, we understand the need for instant integration of business applications, software capabilities and data services for your business, thus saving you on-premise installation costs, license related expense, manpower resources and loss of time.


crm applications

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM Applications play a major role in determining the success of an organization, as it takes the marketing puzzle out of the equation and enables businesses to make informed choices backed with strong insights. Our CRM applications enable businesses to make more focused marketing efforts, generate automated analysis regarding customer behavior and infuse better coordination between various processes and departments.


ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

We recognize that implanting ERP applications plays a very crucial role for a business aiming to achieve operational excellence, as there can be no interaction and analysis possible between the different set of software applications running for different processes. ERP systems enable businesses to create and analyze information flow from various departments and platforms, which makes it easier to monitor the progress of each and every process. Our ERP solutions are customized as per the requirements of individual organizations, which makes it easier for them to eliminate bottlenecks and skip unnecessary expenses, thus improving productivity and boosting operational excellence.


We recognize the fact that data growth is inevitable for any business and management of the same while keeping costs, flexibility, security measures and compliance in check becomes a major problem. We offer cutting edge data services for enabling efficient management of data resources while keeping the above mentioned challenges in mind, thus making businesses more productive and customer-oriented. Some of our popular data services are:


Big Data

Analyzing large data sets has never been easier - our data services using Big Data applications enable businesses to harness their full potential in terms of customer insight, real-time knowledge and feedback, sales and productivity. Big Data serves to boost operational efficiency for companies by allowing them to manage and analyze the huge volumes of data stored in their databases, while keeping the cost and security measures in check.



In today’s competitive world, businesses realize the importance of staying connected with their customers via social interactions and one thing that this hyper-connectivity generates without fail is huge volumes of data. With Hadoop, your business will never need to worry about the storage and processing problems which come with data of all kinds, whether it is in the form of text, pictures, emails, contact details, audio files or other communication forms.



With UniData we provide applications with outstanding performance, scalability, reliability and manageability. It meets the data management needs of any application running on desktops, web, mobile devices or cloud platforms. Rocket UniData comes with a powerful development environment designed for transactional and analytical database applications. Organizations can rely on this platform as it is equipped with intuitive design tools and high-performance queries. This platform is good for resource-minded businesses and resource-constrained deployment scenarios as this platform has

  • reliable uptime and quick
  • reliable access to data over years

We are experienced in four editions of Unidata: Personal Edition, Workgroup Edition, Server Edition and



This is one of the best in the market to ensure security and compliance that simplify compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FIPS 140-2 and many other requirements. Single Sign-on (SSO) simplifies access to the database server that enables you manage user access through an internal credential manager. A Federal Information Processing module enables you to certify your application with the latest industry standard (FIPS) 140-2. With many new tools from Rocket, we offer services that meet your criterion. On demand – cloud based, single click charting and wizard based generation of reports and dashboards that drives data from multiple data sources with seamless integration capabilities. Rocket UniVerse supports IPV6 so your applications can be ready for Internet of Things.

Usually companies prefer Rocket UniData and Rocket UniVerse over other platforms because they require less data server administration. Along with other benefits, these platforms come with Predictive Analytics and powerful inline analytics features that can be derived from multiple data sources.



Informatica helps you make data ready for use in any way possible, so you can put truly great data at the center of everything you do. Informatica is a tool, supporting all the steps of Extraction, Transformation and Load process. Now a days Informatica is also being used as an Integration tool. It has got a simple visual interface like forms in visual basic.

Data Stage

Data Stage

DataStage is a powerful data integration tool and integrates data across multiple systems using a high performance parallel framework, and it supports extended metadata management and enterprise connectivity. It uses a client/server design where jobs are created and administered via a Windows client against central repository on a server. The scalable platform provides more flexible integration of all types of data, including big data at rest (Hadoop-based) or in motion (stream-based), on distributed and mainframe platforms.



It is important for businesses to respond to all the variegated data they receive everyday with the same velocity with which it is generated, in order to save on logistical expenses and keep the customers happy. With the help of Jitterbit, we integrate efficient data management applications in your existing business model, to help you draw insights and useful information from the database in an ongoing manner.

cast iron

Cast Iron

We enable your company to harness the insightful, informative and innovative cloud-based business applications brought forth by Google, which can be integrated into your business process to allow greater flexibility and induce better performance in terms of sales as well as productivity.


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Our EDI applications enable companies to revise and strategize their logistics process in a more efficient and cost effective manner, thus reducing the number of media and avoiding any bottlenecks. EDI facilitates the automated exchange of various documents like invoices, purchase orders etc between different applications, thus streamlining the supply chain and reducing operational costs.

cast iron

Other Data Services

Data Storage, Tera Data, Oracle DBA, SQL DBA, Hypersion Essbase are other platforms we can integrate into the business processes so as to eliminate the challenges associated with storage and analysis of data in a more productive and efficient manner, thus enabling organizations to maximize their profits and reduce their operational expenses while keeping their customers happy and delighted.

mobile applications


Being socially connected has always been essential for human beings, and the same applies more than ever for businesses. In the current times when hyper-connectivity is prevalent, businesses can no longer avoid being socially active, since social interaction with their existing and potential customer base determines the success of an organization to a great extent. We develop apps and platforms using operating systems like Android and iOS in order to provide your business a potential edge over your competitors, enabling your business to steer ahead of competition.