About Us

We represent our brand LIVA. We aim at revolutionizing the IT industry through the expert technical team on board and catering some of the varied services in the IT sector.

We are a comprehensive IT firm, offering high quality and timely solutions and services in IT sector. We help you in defining your IT process and project management strategy to improve your business.

Our strengths lie in choosing the right technology, customizing services, implementation and post-implementation support to meet your business needs with utmost quality.

Our expertise defines our services and we believe in outliving the expectations through:

1. Design, development, implementation and maintenance of products.

2. Reach out to small, medium and large enterprises of various industries through our service.

3. Client focused in terms of reaching out to their technology needs.

vision & Mission

quality vission & mission

We are an ethics-led company with a realistic aim of helping the client focus on the core business. We are led by values that guide us to interact with our clients and stakeholders. Our values steer every member of our team to a unified goal of staying committed to the clients we serve.

We believe in caring for our team just as we expect them to care for our customers. We also aim at giving back to the community to provide for a better quality of life.