Cloud Services

As an enterprise, you might need to enhance capacities or add new facilities to your existing processes, and the added onus on the budget might always prevent you from undergoing that much-needed expansion of services. At LIVA IT, we offer our cloud-based services which would enable you to add the processes and develop your company’s capabilities without the need for you to invest significantly in the process for either subscriptions or software licenses. Also, our cloud-based services would save you the need to invest excessively in hiring new personnel or training your existing staff about the usage of a new process, as we would ensure you get the required services from our cloud based services tailored specifically according to your needs. We offer services on subscription or pay-per-usage basis, which reduces your costs by several folds.



At Liva IT, we realize that traditional businesses applications are very expensive and complex to operate and manage for small and medium enterprises as well as the larger organizations around the world. This is why we suggest businesses to move their applications to cloud, utilizing the benefits and significance of Salesforce, thus eliminating the huge expenses and technical know-how for operating and maintaining the hardware and software requirements for each of these applications and making it easier to take advantage of these applications.

Salesforce boasts of some of the world’s superior business applications in the arenas like CRM, HR, acwhy-choose-using, social marketing and database management.

With the integration of suitable innovative Salesforce applications for your business platform, we enable your organization to utilize the reliability and security of its advanced business applications offering easy collaboration, thus eliminating the need to undertake expensive licensing for advanced software and employing new workforce to manage and operate the same.

Here is a look at some of the innovative business applications offered by Salesforce, each of which can be integrated into the existing business platforms with great flexibility and render a positive impact to your organization:

Sales Cloud

Enable your workforce to reach out to your existing and potential customers to cinch a deal with greater pace and more effectively. These applications can be accessed on-the-go from various devices, which means that there will never be lost sales. Managing customer profiles, leads etc is easier than ever with these applications, which helps in boosting sales productivity by several folds.

Marketing Cloud

With the help of these advanced social marketing apps by Salesforce, we will enable your organization to engage with your customer base like never before, thus enhancing your brand value and popularity by several folds. Clients can also build customized marketing applications and website using Heroku and by Salesforce to suit their needs and requirements in a better manner.

Salesforce Chatter

With the help of these applications we enable businesses to stay in constant touch with their employees using private social network, so that no details or data is missed out ever.

Salesforce Platform

In addition to providing ready-to-integrate, tested and tried, secure and reliable business applications, organizations can also build applications customized to their requirements and specifications and run them using Salesforce cloud. In addition, the mind-boggling data that every organization has to deal with can be managed with the help of application run by Salesforce, wherein businesses can manage and analyze their database in order to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

amazon cloud

Amazon Cloud

We recognize the fact that building on-premise capabilities can be an expensive and slow process for most companies, and hence we offer integration of Amazon Cloud applications in your business processes, which eliminates the need for expensive licensing, configuration and installation. Thousands of useful applications related to customer management, acwhy-choose-using etc possessing high speed, enhanced security and low cost can be utilized for your business with the help of Amazon Cloud.